OC Mayors, ADA Coordinators & Police


To report violations, ADAOCAN recommends calling the local police.  Have a copy of the law with you to show the police. If you have to leave before a policeman comes, take a picture of the violation, including the date. Bring it to the local police or mail or email it with a copy of the law; request a reply.


Township Of Barnegat
900 West Bay Ave
Barnegat, NJ 08005
website: http://www.barnegat.net
e-mail: clerk@barnegat.net
police: 609-698-5000
Mayor Len Morano/ADA David Breeden


Borough Of Barnegat Light
10 East 7th Street, PO Box 576
Barnegat Light, NJ 08006
website: http://www.barnlight.com
e-mail: borouoghhall@barnegatlight.org
police: 609-494-3322
Mayor Kirk O. Larson/ADA Gail J. Wetmore, RMC


Borough Of Bay Head
81 Bridge Ave. PO Box 248
Bay Head, NJ 08742
website: no website
e-mail: BHClerk@verizon.net
police: 732-892-0632
Mayor William W.Curtis/ADA John DeFilippis


Borough Of Beach Haven
300 Engleside Ave
Beach Haven, NJ 08008
website: http://beachhaven-nj.gov
e-mail: beachhavenborough@beachhaven-nj.gov
police: 609-492-0505
Mayor Robert Keeler/ADA Richard S. Crane


Borough Of Beachwood
1600 Pinewald Road
Beachwood, NJ 08722
website: http://beachwoodusa.com
e-mail: clrksoffice@comcast.net
police: 732-349-1242
Mayor Ronald F. Roma, Jr./ADA Elizabeth A. Mastropasqua, RMC


Township Of Berkeley
627 Pinewald-Keswick Road, PO Box B
Bayville, NJ 08721
website: http://twp.berkeley.nj.us
e-mail: townshipclerk@twp.berkeley.nj.us
police: 732-341-1132
Mayor Carmen F. Amato, Jr./ADA Anthony Rossetti


Township Of Brick
401 Chambers Bridge Road
Brick, NJ 08723
website: http://www.twp.brick.nj.us
e-mail: mayor@twp.brick.nj.us
police: 732-262-1100
Mayor Stephen C. Acropolis/ADA Scott Pezarras


Township Of Eagleswood
146 Division Street, PO Box 409
West Creek, NJ 08092-0409
website: no website
e-mail: eKennedy_eagleswood@comcast.net
police: 911 ( only call in emergency )
Mayor James R. Pine/ADA Elaine B. Kennedy


Borough Of Harvey Cedars
7606 Long Beach Blvd., PO Box 3185
Harvey Cedars, NJ 08008

website: http://www.harveycedars.org
e-mail: clerk@harveycedars.org
police: 609-494-6509
Mayor Jonathan S. Oldham /ADA Judith Gerkens


Borough Of Island Heights
East End & Van Sant Avenues, PO Box 797
Island Heights, NJ 08732
website: http://www.islandheightsboro.com
email: boroclerk#1@comcast.net
police: 732-270-3006<
Mayor James H. Biggs/ ADA Michael O’Donnell


Township Of Jackson
95 West Veterans Hwy.
Jackson, NJ 08527
website: http://www.jacksonwpnj.net
email: phild@jacksontwpnj.net
police: 732-928-1111
Mayor Michael Reina/ADA Sherri Silversmith


Township Of Lacey
818 Lacey Road
Forked River, NJ 08731
website: http://www.laceytownship.org
e-mail: mailto:laceyclerk@comcast.net
police: 609-693-6636
Mayor David E. Most/ADA Veronica Laureigh


Borough Of Lakehurst
5 Union Avenue
Lakehurst, NJ 08733
website: http://www.lakehurstnj.org
e-mail: no e-mail
police: 732-657-7812
Mayor Harry Robbins/ADA Bernadette Dugan


Township Of Lakewood
231 Third Street
Lakewood, NJ 08701
website: http://twp.lakewood.nj.us
e-mail: no e-mail
police: 732-363-0200
Mayor Albert D. Ackerman/ADA Hanna Havens


Borough Of Lavallette
1306 Grand Central Avenue
PO Box 67
Lavallette, NJ 08735
website: www.lavallette.org
e-mail: no e-mail
police: 732-793-4800
Mayor Walter G. La Cicero /ADA Anita F. Zalom


Township Of Little Egg Harbor
665 Radio Road
Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087
website: http://www.LEHT.com
e-mail: mccracken@leht.com
police: 609-296-3666
Mayor John P. Kehm/ADA Garrett Loesch


Township Of Long Beach
6805 Long Beach Boulevard
Brandt Beach, NJ 08008
website: http://www.longbeachtownship.com
e-mail: no e-mail
police: 609-494-3322
Mayor Joseph H. Mancini/ADA Lynda J. Wells


Township Of Manchester
1 Colonial Drive
Manchester, NJ 08759
website: http://www.manchestertwp.com
police: 732-657-6111
Mayor Michael Fressola/ADA Robert Pigott


Borough Of Mantoloking
202 Downer Ave. PO Box 247
Mantoloking, NJ 08738
website: http://www.mantoloking.org
e-mail: boroughservices@mantoloking.org
police: 732-892-0832
Mayor George C. Nebel/ADA Peter R. Strohm


Borough Of Ocean Gate
801 Ocean Gate Ave. Cn 100
Ocean Gate, NJ 08740
website: no website
e-mail: ogclerk@verizon.net
police: 732-269-3166
Mayor Paul J. Kennedy/ADA Mayor Paul J. Kennedy


Township Of Ocean
50 Railroad Ave.
Waretown, NJ 08758
website: http://www.townshipofocean.org
police: 609-693-4007
Mayor Christine (Tina) Wetter/ADA Diane B. Ambrosio, RMC


Borough Of Pine Beach
599 Pennsylvania Avenue, PO Box 425
Pine Beach, NJ 08741-0425
website: http://www.pinebeachborough.us
e-mail: pinebeachclerk@comcast.net
police: 732-341-2616
Mayor Lawrence W. Cunco/ADA John Mallon


Township Of Plumstead
121 Evergreen Road
New Egypt, NJ 08533
website: http://www.plumsted.org
e-mail: no e-mail
police: 609-758-3737
Mayor David J. Leutwyler/ADA Ronald Dancer


Borough Of Point Pleasant
2233 Bridge Ave., PO Box 25
Point Pleasant, NJ 08742
website: http://www.ptboro.com
e-mail: BoroClerk@PtBoro.com
police: 732-892-0060
Mayor William G. Schroeder/ADA Robert D. Forsyth


Borough of Point Pleasant Beach
416 New Jersey Ave.
Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742

website: http://www.pointpleasantbeach.org
e-mail: no e-mail
police: 732-892-0500
Mayor Vincent R. Barrella/ADA Christine Riehl


Borough of Seaside Heights
901 Boulevard, PO Box 38
Seaside Heights, NJ 08751
website: http://www.seaside-heightsnj.org
e-mail: publicaaffairs@seaside-heightsnj.org
police: 732-793-1800
Mayor William Akers/ADA John A. Camera


Borough of Seaside Park
1701 North Ocean Ave., PO Box B
Seaside Park, NJ 08752
website: http://www.seasideparknj.org
e-mail: no e-mail
police: 732-793-8000
Mayor Robert W. Matthies/ADA Robert Martucci


Borough of Ship Bottom
1621 Long Beach Boulevard
Ship Bottom, NJ 08008
website: http://www.shipbottom.org
e-mail: sbclerk@ccmcast.net
police: 609-494-1518
Mayor William Huelsenbeck/ADA T. Richard Bethea


Borough of South Toms River
144 Mill Street
South Toms River, NJ 08757
website: no website
e-mail: no e-mail
police: 732-349-0313
Mayor Joseph M. Champagne, Jr./ADA Elizabeth Silvestri, RMC/MMC


Township of Stafford
260 E. Bay Ave.
Manahawkin, NJ 08050
website: http://www.twp.stafford.nj.us
e-mail: mailto:clerk@twp.stafford.nj.us
police: 609-597-8581
Mayor John R. Spodofora/ADA James Moran


Borough of Surf City
813 Long Beach Boulevard
Surf City, NJ 08008
website: no website
e-mail: no e-mail
police: 609-494-3054
Mayor Leonard T. Connors, Jr./ADA Mary P. Madonna


Township Of Toms River
33 Washington St., PO Box 728
Toms River, NJ 08753
website: http://www.tomsrivertownship.com
e-mail: aagallo@tomsrivertownship.com
police: 732-349-0101
Mayor Thomas F. Kelaher/ADA Craig Ambrosio


Borough Of Tuckerton
140 East Main Street
Tuckerton, NJ 08087
website: http://www.tuckertonborough.com
e-mail: TuckertonBoroClerk@comcast.net
police: 609-296-9417
Mayor Anthony Foglia/ADA Doris Mathisen