NJ Snow Removal Law

New Jersey’s Snow Removal Law

A Guide for Municipalities

Governor Christine Whitman signed the “Snow Removal Bill” into law on August 16, 1999. This legislation penalizes the owner or controller of a parking area for failing to remove snow, ice or other obstacles from accessible parking spaces, curb cuts and other improvements designed to provide accessibility. Ice or snow must be removed from the parking space, curb cut or other improvement within 48 hours after snow has stopped falling. A violator of this provision would be subject to a penalty of not less than $200 or more than $500. This law is NOT limited to WINTERTIME! All year round debris, shopping carts, and other obstacles in the handicapped parking spaces or blocking curb cuts make it very difficult and dangerous for people with disabilities to get out of their vehicles and to their destination.

snow removalAbout this Booklet

Any obstruction to accessible parking is ILLEGAL!

FINE: $250

Grassroots advocacy project, “Monday Morning,” was instrumental in getting the law passed. Included in this booklet is a copy of the law. This booklet has been created to assist municipalities in complying with New Jersey’s Snow Removal Law. The New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities’

NOTE: This law is not limited to wintertime; it covers the entire year. Removing debris, shopping carts, and other obstacles from the handicapped parking spaces or unblocking the path of travel including curb cuts makes it possible for people with disabilities to negotiate. Removing obstacles eliminates the danger for everyone.snow removal2



Snow Removal Revisions signed by Governor Jon Corzine on January 14, 2008.

• Within 24 hours after snow and ice has stopped falling.

• Fines no lower than $500 and no higher than $1000 per violation.




ADAOCAN recommends calling the local police. Have a copy of the law with you to show the police. If you have to leave before a policeman comes, take a picture of the violation, including the date. Bring it to the local police or mail or e-mail it with a copy of the law; request a reply.

Look for Ocean County Municipal websites, e-mails and police phone numbers

under OC Mayors and ADA Coordinators

Please read the enclosed booklet:

A Guide for Municipalities New Jersey’s Snow Removal

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